• 1How long does it take to create a website?

    The length of time it takes to create a fully functional website is based on several factors. Custom design work can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions you require. The development phase requires an additional 1 - 6 weeks, depending on the number of pages, and the functionality required. Of course, these are general guidelines, and we will make every effort to meet the timeframe you have in mind.

  • 2What kind of technology do you support?

    We specialize in XHTML, CSS and Flash, but are very experienced with JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, and others. Although it's unlikely, if there's something we can't do, we can reach out to our network of partners for additional services (at no additional cost to you).

  • 3Can I see my website while it's in progress?

    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We build your website on our development server, and provide you with a username and password so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your site. During this phase, we encourage your feedback if something isn't quite the way you envisioned it or if you've changed your mind. Once your site is ready and you have provided your approval, we release it live on your server and submit your URL to the major search engines.

  • 4Are any other services included in your web design and development costs?

    Yes. Our web design and development service includes configuration of your email accounts, detailed monthly traffic reports and basic search engine optimization services. Basic SEO includes submission of your site to the major search engines, and the setup of your primary metatag information (Page Title, Description and Keywords). Additionally, your site is built from the ground up with search engine friendly technologies and methods.
  • 5We are a very small company with a limited budget. Do you offer any design templates?

    This is a question we often receive from startup companies and entrepreneurs. Although we don't offer design templates today, we are planning to release a gallery of templates unique to Spritz in October, 2007. Please check back with us soon, or send us an email to inquire further.

  • 6Is a custom design really that much more valuable than an attractive template?

    In general, we don't recommend the use of templates, but they may be appropriate in certain situations. For example, if you absolutely must have a site launched within the space of a few days, or if you are on an especially limited budget

  • 7If design templates aren't such a great idea, why will you be offering them in the future?

    As with all of our custom designs, our templates will conform to important usability principals and be built from the ground up using solid, search engine friendly techniques. We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which facilitate changes to a site's visual appearance and overall layout. Not only does it reduce design time modifications, but it also also provides greater control in constructing a design just the way you want it.

  • 8When is payment required for your web site design and development services?

    For small projects, 50% of the estimated fee must be provided prior to beginning work, with the remaining payment due upon completion of the project. For larger projects, an initial payment representing one-third of the estimated total fee is required. The second payment is required upon the halfway point, with the final third due upon completion of the project.

  • 9I need some changes on my Web site or template. Do you provide that service?

    Yes! For one time changes, we will provide you with an estimate before beginning the work and charge at our standard hourly rate. If you anticipate regular needs for maintenance, one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans may be more cost-effective for you.

  • 10What is the best approach for content maintenance on my site?

    We offers three options for maintaining and refreshing your site content. We don't care which option you choose, but we strongly encourage you to update your site regularly.

  • 11Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

    Absolutely. Our goal is to please you. We can’t do that without your input. If there are other sites with a design style that you would like to emulate, we can do that. If you have a logo or brand collateral that you’d like us to work around, that’s no problem. We’ll be sure your new site will be a consistent and integral part of your overall brand.

  • 12Does ViraPanik Design provide copywriting services? How about photography?

    Not directly, but if your project calls for copywriting, photography, original illustration, video or other creative service, just let us know. We have an extensive network of creative associates that we work with. We would be happy to make a recommendation.

  • 13Will my website work on mobile devices?

    Yes, using responsive design we ensure our sites work on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

  • 14Can I sell products on my website?

    Sure thing - our content management system can build and host your online store, and we can set up all of the security necessary to ensure your customers' details remain safe and secure.

  • 15What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

    A content management system (CMS) enables you to maintain the content on your website without any additional software our technical skill. When using a CMS, you can add new pages, upload images and be in full control of your site - all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

  • 16Can I modify my website design if I want?

    Our designers make modifications to the 'site design', while you control most of the 'site content'. This means you can modify images and text on your pages but you can't modify the overall layout of those pages.

    The MightyMerchant system makes it easy for you to control the settings that are most important for you, but prevents you from making changes that will 'mess up' your site.

    You have a lot of control through the MightyMerchant Site Manager. If you have specific questions about what you can and cannot modify, give us a call.

  • 17Can you guarantee me a top ranking?

    Our diligent work will certainly result in improvements but we don't guarantee that your website will reach a particular position on any search engine. We do guarantee to work closely with you to develop a successful search engine optimization strategy for your business. Although we employ a proven method of website optimization, each site presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for long term success. We do promise that we will not engage in SEO practices that violate search engine webmaster guidelines for honest and ethical standards. We do promise that you will receive the very best in customer service. A real person is available for you to talk to, and your phone calls and emails will be promptly returned.

  • 18What are your rates for search engine optimization?

    We have three major marketing packages: the Site Intensive, the Hero Plus, and Hero Paid Search Management. Rates for other work, such as press releases or copywriting, are determined on an individual basis. Please contact us for more specific information about our prices. While most of our clients receive the services they need from one of our packages, our marketing packages and services are fully customizable.

  • 19Can you set up my email accounts?

    Yes, your website hosting package comes with at least three email accounts. We will help you figure out the best way to handle processing your business emails, whether it's setting up new accounts, or forwarding your emails to your current address.

  • 20Do you offer an email program to send out messages to my customers?

    MightyMerchant has partnered with Constant Contact, the leader in effective email marketing to help you market your web site via email. We'll set up your web site to collect email addresses from visitors who want to "opt-in". We can seamlessly integrate with Constant Contact.

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